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Process of three day Yeongsanjae ceremony

First day
1. Siryeon
2. Daeryeong
3. Gwanyok
4. In the evening the early morning ceremony is performed in advance.

Second day
1. Jojeonjeom-an
2. Sinjungjakbeop
3. Gwaebul-iun
4. Completion of halfway of Yeongsanjae
5. Sikdangjakbeop
6. next day's early morning ceremony in advance.

Third day
1. second half of Yeongsanjae begins
2. Unsusangdan
3. Jungdan (Sochungjung-wi)
4. Sinjungtoegong
5. Gwan-eumsisik/Jeonsisik
6. Sodaebongsong
7. Hoehyangseolbeop [sermons announcing the end of ceremony] In the aspect of number of participants, Yeongsanjae is the largest ceremony in scale. More than 20 Eojang monks, certified skill holders and general monks perform Anchaebi and Bakkatchaebi separately.

Performing Procedures of Yeongsanjae

The procedures of Yeongsanjae consists of Seobun [beginning part], Bonbun [main part] and Hoehyangbun [finishing part]. Seobun is the entering part before the ceremony, Bonbun is the main part of Yeongsanjae and Hoehyangbun is the closing part of the ceremony.

Procedure of Yeongsanjae




Jaedaeryeong Sikdangjakbeop Gwan-eumsisik/Jeonsisik
Gwanyok Unsusangdan Sodaebongsong
Jojeonjeom-an Jungdan (Sochungjungwi) Hoehyangseolbeop
[sermon announcing the end of ceremony]

Meaning of Procedure of Youngsanjae Ceremony

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