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Intangible Cultural Assets No. 50 Youngsanjae Preservation Association

Preservation and Transmission of Yeongsanjae

Yeongsanjae has been designated as Intangible Cultural Assets, no. 50 and held at Bongwonsa[temple] every year. The purpose of Yeongsanjae performance is to resume the heritage of Beom-eum[Buddhist music] which has faded away and to transmit to next generations. According to the national policy to preserve cultural assets, Yeongsanjae was designated as a stage performance and Park Song-am, Jang Byeok-eung, Kim Un-gong[names of monks] as the certified skill holders in Pompae on November 5, 1973. In 1987 it is changed from a stage performance to a outdoor performance and Lee Il-eung[name of monk] were designated as the certified skill holder in Jakbeop, Jeong Jigwang[name of monk] as the certified skill holder in ornamentation of Yeongsanjae. Since then Yeongsanjae has been continued its legacy by the core effort of Yeongsanjae Preservation Association. Okcheonbeom-eum college is an affiliated organization of Yeongsanjae Preservation Association and located at Bongwonsa[temple] of Korean Taego Buddhist Order. All kinds of Beom-eum, such as Sangjugwon-gong, gakbae and sound of Yeongsan are taught by Eojang[great master] monk, Park Song-am and Jang Byeok-eung[name of monks] at the college. It is open to everyone who is interested in ceremonies of Buddhism and Beom-eum[Buddhist music].