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Beom-eum college, the affiliate of Yeongsanjae Preservation Association

Location : Bongwonsa[temple], San-1-beonji, Bongwon-dong, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul

Telephones : (02)392-3008, 392-3234

Beom-eum college, the affiliate of Yeongsanjae Preservation Association, is founded on the basis of Okcheonbeom-eumhoe (Okcheonbeom-eum Association). Okcheonbeom-eumhoe was founded in 1969 by An Deok-am, Kim Unpa, Lee Manbong, Park Songam and Jang Byeok-eung. They realized the strong necessity to educate the younger generations and to preserve the Buddhist ceremonies. It was open to any monks regardless of their Buddhism sectors and had a course of three months. Based on its more than 30 years of tradition, Beom-eum college was founded as a three year college in 1994 by Park Songam and other monks who honored the idea of Lee Wolha, the great master of Pompae, and wished to teach the juniors at more professional and systematic institute. In old days before 1968 Pompae was taught during the summer or winter seclusive training sessions. The college course is newly established. Originally Pompae was taught for 15 years to master all of Sangjugwon-gong course, Gakbae, Yeongsan, Anchaebi and Jitsori for three years each respectively. Presently these courses are available mainly at the college.

Outline :
Okcheon Beom-eum college, an affiliate of Yeongsanjae Preservation Association three year course research course after three year course
1st year Sangjugwon-gong course
2nd year Gakbae course
3rd year Yongsanjae course
4th year research course - Anchaebi class Jitsori class
Special class - mainly in basics of ceremony and Jakbeopmu[execution of dances] (Baramu, Nabimu, Beopgomu)

Certified skill holder : Park Songam, Jang Byeok-eung, Lee Il-eung
Secondary certified skill holder : Kim Guhae, Ma Il-un, Oh Songgang, Lee Gigong
Completer of courses : Han Donghui and other monks of Yeongsanjae Preservation Association
Admission : around March 10 every year

Dongguk University
: Korean Traditional Music Department

Location : Korean Traditional Music Department Buddhism Culture College Dongguk University 707 Seokjang-dong, Kyeongju-si Kyeongsang-bukdo

Telephones : (0561) 770-2509, 770-2203

Four year college, an affiliate of Korean Chogye Buddhist Order Founded in 1995

Majors : Instrumental music, Vocal music, Traditional dance, Theory and composition of Buddhist music, Buddhist dance, Pompae

Outline :
Produced the first four year course graduates majored in Buddhis music Professor of Pompae, theory, Buddhist dance - Kim Eunggi (Pophyeon)
Professors of instrumental music - Park Sangjin, Yoon Sohui, Han Sang-il
Lecturer of Pompae - Kim Hyoseong (completer of courses)
Admission - Consult the admission guide book published between December 1999 and January 2000 (category Ra)

Dongbang Buddhist College

Location : an affiliate of the General Office of Korean Taego Buddhist Order

Telephones : (02)764-5883

Junior College of Buddhist Missionaries was opened in 1982 as an affiliate of Korean Taego Buddhist Order. It changed its name to Dongbang Buddhist College in 1983. Pompae course was established as a two year course. (Also it has four year courses of Buddhism Art, Buddhism, Korean Medicine and Toddler Education)

Outline :
1st year Sangjugwon-gong course
2nd year Gakbae course

Choi Wonheo (completer of Yeongsanjae), Jang Seungdeok (an initiate)

Eosan Jakbeop Research Institute, an affiliate of Chung-ang Buddhism College

Location : An-am-dong, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul

Telephones : (02) 921-3425

Outline :
Eosan course (Pompae, Jakbeop) : Sangjugwon-gong course, 2 years (4 summers) Seup-ui course (Buddhist ceremony) : basic theory of ceremony, 6 month course

Inmuk, Seong-o (completer of course, monk of Bongwonsa), Seongma[names of monks]

Educational Institute of Korean Traditional Buddhist Ceremony

Location : Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul

Outline : Pompae, 2 year course

Im Myeongsu (completer of course)
Sangjugwon-gong course

Educational Institute of Buddhist Ceremony, an affiliate of Haedong Buddhism College

Location : Insa-dong, Seoul

Outline : Pompae and basics of Buddhist ceremony course - 1 year course

Faculty : Jung Daeeun